This is the political/personal-is-political blog of Matthew Whitehead, sometimes writer, sometimes programmer, current datamonkey by employment.

I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand, and my posts will reflect that, even though I am ordinarily quite literate in things U.S.A and U.K, the two most likely audiences for English-language content.

As I write this, I’m 26, which is considered too old to still be part of the youth, but not old enough by any means to be taken seriously by idiots who think someone’s age is more important than their ideas. I tend to collect labels: Liberal, leftist, Green, feminist, queer, anti-racist, atheist, anti-ableist, pro-science, independent, all the rest. Probably the most relevant label you can put on me is that I’ve recovered from mental illness: I used to suffer from severe social anxiety, and with the help of my family and lots of therapy, I’m fully-functional and everyone I tell my story to is surprised to learn about it.

I initially blogged anonymously, (and focused on feminism) partly because it could have been embarassing to certain family members in the civil service if I was too loud politically, and partly because I wanted a chance to put my opinions out there without them being judged by my name. Because I believe that owning who you are can make arguments more persuasive, I’ve decided to “come out” on the internet now that I feel I actually have the opportunity. Because of this, there are certain subjects I can’t talk about, (for instance, my job) but in general it should hopefully be a good thing for anyone reading my posts.

  1. puffdaddy1991 says:

    Hey, I tripped, hit my mouse, and accidentally stumbled onto your site. You are insightful esp. for such a young, leftist, pro-science, feminist, anti-racist, queer. Although I would hope that anyone your age would be idealistic, science oriented, green, non-racist, and able to make decsions about your spirituality and sexuality…..that doesn’t seem to be the case with many people. Keep up the good work. Write and be as consistent as possible. You might just have a future ahead as a true journalist. Humor and refreshing honest are rare and needed now, as always.

  2. Well played, sir. 😉

    You added idealist, by the way! I tend to think of myself as a radical rather than an idealist: I’m not interested in a certain mode of thinking, just what works, but where there’s clearly room for improvement, I think we should invest in that and implement radical change to our society. You could call such a view “holistic”, too, if you’re wary of the word radical.

    • puffdaddy1991 says:

      By the way, I am a woman, so sorry if my name led you to believe otherwise. I saw what you wrote about the description of a stenographer and thought I’d tell you I am a bit older than your stated age of 26, so old timey references should work for me. If they don’t, I’m not shy and will ask for an explaination, if you have time for that. Otherwise, I will look it up myself. lol!
      Also, I live in the U.S.A., state of Texas, if that matters.Ciao

  3. Aha, I confused the first and last names in your email when I addressed you. 🙂

  4. Keep blogging Matthew. I’ve been waiting to hear more from you for ages, and even written a post based around a comment you made at The Standard last week. If it’s OK, I’ll post a link once the post is published.

  5. I’ve just been busy, there’s actually been a bunch of half-finished posts in my drafts folder for quite some time. I pushed one of the older ones out of the queue today, so hopefully I can get my motivation going for writing again and get back into the habit. Alas, all my blogs tend to suffer from the fact that I tend to have “productive bursts” for writing.

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  7. exkiwiforces says:

    no relation to Stan Whitehead by any chance?

    • Not that I know of, given that my father’s a first-generation New Zealander (by way of Manchester) and Stanley Whitehead wasn’t. I think my mother did look into genealogy on both sides of our family at one stage, so I expect if there were any obvious connection I would have heard about it.

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