Preliminary disenfranchisement report

Posted: October 1, 2017 in democracy, elections, New Zealand

Every election, I do a report on disenfranchised voters. I thought I’d give you a preview with the preliminary results before the final count comes out soon.

disenfranchised votersThe good news is that it’s currently down on 2014. We’ll see if that remains the case after specials, which can favour smaller parties.

This is largely due to Conservative voters flocking to National, which to be honest, may have something to do with the fact that they were under-threshold in the first place, so it’s not exactly Rainbows and Sunshine.

The red slice of the donut graph is voters for the Māori Party and TOP, who had both earned multiple list seats but whose voters were disenfranchised due to our overly high 5% threshold.

The orange slice is ACT voters, whose 0.4% of the vote has been rounded up to a whole seat. While not quite as bad as actual overhang seats, it’s not exactly good that we’re overcounting a party that can’t even make it to 1/120th of the vote.

The yellow slice, or “nanoparties,” is every both below 0.83% and not in Parliament, so arguably those that legitimately shouldn’t be there anyway because they haven’t earned a seat.


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